Creating Safe Sleep Environments for Babies
  • ABC's of Safe Sleep
      Always place baby to sleep...
  • Alone
  • On their Back
  • In a safety-approved Crib
  • The safest place for baby to sleep is in a room where others sleep, but not in a shared bed.
  • Baby should NEVER sleep on sofas, chairs, recliners, waterbeds, soft surfaces such as pillows,
   cushions, sleeping bags, sheepskins, or any bed with another adult or child.
  • Car seats and other sitting devices (such as infant swings, strollers, infant slings, etc.) are not recommended
   for routine sleep.
  • Remove all soft, fluffy, loose bedding (including pillows, blankets, sleeping bags, sheepskins, etc.),
   toys and stuffed animals from the sleep area.
  • Bumper pads, wedges and positioners should not be used.
  • Make sure that baby is not too warm. Keep the room at a temperature that feels comfortable for a
   lightly clothed adult.
  • Keep baby’s head uncovered during sleep. Don't put baby to sleep wearing a hat, as this can result
   in overheating.
  • Consider using a wearable blanket to avoid loose blankets in the sleep area.
  • Breastfeeding is encouraged.
  • Provide "Tummy Time" when baby is awake and supervised to help strengthen neck muscles
   and avoid flat spots on the head.
  • Consider using a pacifier when you place baby on his/her back for sleep. If baby is breastfed,
   wait until he/she is 1 month old or is used to breastfeeding before using a pacifier.
  • Don't allow anyone to smoke around your baby including in your home or car.
  • Talk to grandparents, relatives, friends, babysitters, and child care providers about safe sleep and what works best to help baby fall
    asleep on her back EVERY TIME. Tell everyone who takes care of your baby to follow these important safe sleep practices.

For more safe sleep information visit the sites below:
CJ Foundation for SIDS
American Academy of Pediatrics
National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD)
NICHD publications
Safe Sleep
-- Check out more info. on the Safe Sleep Kansas web page --
Safe Slumber: The Relevance of Anatomy slide pictures
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Safe Sleep for Babies Video
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*If you would like a copy of the Safe Sleep DVD please contact the SIDS Network of KS.
The SIDS Network of Kansas has created the following Safe Sleep Policy to assist with the safe sleep
discussion. Please take the time to review and print the policy for use in your child care setting.

To view/print a copy of the
Safe Sleep Policy in English click here.  For Spanish click here.
Safe Sleep Policy
Child Care Checklist for Your Baby  A checklist to help guide you through the important decision making process of
selecting a child care facility/provider that will keep your child healthy and safe.